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Nintendo Co., Ltd. is a Japanese multinational consumer electronics and video game company headquartered in Kyoto. The company was founded in 1889 as Nintendo Karuta[c] by craftsman Fusajiro Yamauchi and originally produced handmade hanafuda playing cards. After venturing into various lines of business during the 1960s and acquiring a legal status as a public company under the current company name, Nintendo distributed its first video game console, the Color TV-Game, in 1977. It gained international recognition with the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985.

A former employee said this in a review: "In Nintendo they use your strength and dump you after. The first time I worked here I put in great work! I noticed the system used to persuade workers to work harder and faster. They should care more about their workers. Provide incentives. Its the worst this company"


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Former Employee - Manager says

"-Abysmal pay. It's 2020, the cost of living in Redmond and the greater Seattle area is high. Wake up! If you're coming from any major tech company, you'll take at least a 30% pay cut if not more. -Bureaucratic culture means everything has to be approved by Japan. I mean everything. Even if it takes a month. -Leadership is completely stale and out of touch. Many have been there for 10-20 years, are just there for job security but in reality, should retire or should be let go. -Culture is that of a retirement home. Slow, stale, sad and old. -You're told outright from the start that promotions only happen once every few years. How encouraging."

Current Employee - Assistant Project Manager says

"* No opportunity for job advancement. * Low wages and 1% or flat adjustment for cost of living each year. * Japanese company where all direction and decisions are made in Japan. * Old Boy Network with 50% of employees working in same position over 10+ years. * 5% discount on software and hardware at employee store. * Cafeteria on-site (Cafe Mario) isn't subsidized and expensive compared to other local employers * No Free Soda, drinks or food * Wages not competitive with others in industry (ie. Microsoft, Valve, FB, EA) * No per diem on expenses for traveling and just save receipts. * Some employees come directly from NCL (japan) and are given director/leadership roles in departments and these employees don't speak English. * Limited training opportunities and internal Training group disbanded. Company encourages Star System Behaviors and read out dated material to learn about new business thinking."

Former Employee - Product Marketing Specialist says

"No work-life balance, insulary culture, socially conservative"

Former Employee - Lower Management says

"Upper Management make this company terrible. After a lengthy tenure of 9+ years, I could no longer work for such terrible leaders. Promotions happen based on who you know, not your Leadership abilities."

Current Employee - Production Supervisor says

"-- Japanese company limited growth potential. -- All decisions micro-managed and take ultimate direction from NCL -- Poor Pay and not competitive to PNW region -- Job promotions limited and occur once a year. (Some employees stuck in same job title for decades.) -- Too many old timers that are just waiting for Social Security to kick in. -- No stock options or profit sharing for average employee. (Only directors and above receive stock) -- Headhunter rectruiter advertised 15-30% bonus and 2-5% yearly raises. Average bonus has been 10% and yeary raise 1.4%. -- Poor bonus review system designed on antiquated Core Copetencies that nobody was trained on.."

Former Employee - Systems Administrator says

"Little to no room for growth. Poor upper level management."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"As an entertainment company, their approach to technology is sorely deficient. Slow to adapt to new technologies. Stuck enhancing and supporting large monolithic systems. Fighting at lower management level, using employees as weapons - leadership turns a blind eye. Review process is demotivating. The ranking system favors specific contributors at the expence of the remaining. Bonus tied to performance leads you with little, no stock options or grants either. No skin in the game, little motivation to contribute above. How does this company compete in Seattle? Soley on name, can brand coolness. Continued poor architechtual decisions for large projects, such as spending millions of dollars licensing large monoliths, to later spend millions attempting to enhance/support external monolithic systems. Promotion from within has produced incompletent leaders due primarly to managers not taking the time to look outside. Alot of complacency and fear of entering the job market. Culture is very clicky, filled with stagnent employees afraid to leave and contractors starving for a handout. Complete lack of motivation. Leadership is not even aware. Anyone who has experience in Seattle tech industry will know how dysfunctional this environment is, and will leave."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"- Very low salaries for a technology company in the Seattle area. - Year over year pay raises are always 1-2%, despite what your recruiter will say when you get a job offer (I was told 5-10% was typical, it definitely was not). - Bonuses are low for the tech industry and are based on stack ranking by your manager. - Almost all of the interesting technology work is done in Japan. - Every important decision is made in Japan. Many smaller decisions are made there too. Expect to be confused and disappointed by these decisions, but you'll have to live with them. - You won't know what other parts of the company are working on, you will only hear them when there's a public announcement."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Nintendo is an "old school" and a very political, back stabbing culture! Avoid this company!"

Contract - APT says

"- Office Chairs: Disgusting, Butt imprints, No Support, have probably been there for 5+ years. And they expect you to test 7 hours a day in them. - Computers: Frankenstein'd together with other old computer parts from the year 2011, they can barely open up Excel or Outlook. - It's 2016 and "projects" can still be canceled at any time without notice. I witnessed at least 15-20 people have their contract end within 1-2 month span. -Senior testers get first priority to be moved onto other projects no matter what their performance was like and after that they may select 1 or 2 newer people. - The whole culture there is "saving money". Breaks and Lunches are regulated like they would be working at any other retail, fast-food joint, but you're only allowed to work 36.25 hrs a week. - NOJ get's first priority for testing products and then its given to NOA, hence the unstable job security for a contract tester there. - You have to get low-balled at "10-14$/hr" by agencies "Aerotek or Parker" if you want be a tester. - You have to work the full 11 months to be considered for a "pay bump" if you return after the mandatory 2 month break."

Marketing (Former Employee) says

"Avoid at all costs, Nepotism throughout the whole office. No way to progress internally or individually through courses Bad Management Blame culture, where staff aren't able to voice their concern without being singled out Good perks in job events and samples"

Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Fürchterliches Management, unfähigste Personalabteilung die ich je kennengelernt habe auf dem Arbeitsmarkt und ich hatte viele Jobs. Frauen, die eine eigene Meinung haben, werden grundsätzlich untergebuttert und mundtot gemacht. Arbeitnehmer werden wie Kinder behandelt. Die Personalabteilung hat von Mitarbeiterführung überhaupt keine Ahnung, von Gesetzen leider auch nicht. Alles wird persönlich genommen, Mitarbeiter werden angehalten andere auszuspionieren und Mitarbeiter, die unbequem sind, werden unter lächerlichen Umständen entlassen. In zwei Jahren meiner Zeit dort - habe ich 4 Mitarbeiter gehen sehen, aufgrund lächerlicher, erfundener Gründe. Alle diese MA haben Recht bekommen vor Gericht und ich vermute, das waren nicht die einzigen, die geklagt haben.subventioniertes Mittagessen, Weihnachtsgeldunfähige Personalleitung, unfähiges Management, Stasi Methoden"

Tester (Former Employee) says

"If you are still a student or don't have an education, like playing video games and have not professional experience in other companies you may actually enjoy working at Nintendo and don't need to read this.If you are an educated, experienced and integer professional you should keep reading.There is such a big gap between work conditions in the corporate building and the testing/costumer service building. The company creates 2 cultures. The decent culture is composed by educated, professional and cleaned up employees. The underground culture is composed by students or people who don't really have other plans of professional growth...they don't even need to care about personal hygiene or civil manners.The chances of job advancement are very thin. However, if you master the art of kissing butt you might actually get somewhere...but maybe not, since there are just not enough full-time positions available.Expect your manager to be somewhat nice, but remember that if he is a manager it is because he has mastered the art of kissing butt 15 years ago...because he didn't have a plan for growing professionally anywhere else, or a degree. He will most likely behave like a teenager who just acquired a position of "power", even if he doesn't really have the power to do anything.It is a shame that some very capable professionals have to accept a job at Nintendo just to pay the bills - they will soon feel treated like high school students.If you enjoy bullying, Nintendo is the perfect environment for you, become your boss's pet and he will allow you to bully others all you wantthe cafeteria is nicekissing butt is recommended and accepted."

Designer (Former Employee) says

"Good pay, but terrible management and treatment. We did not interact personally. Instead everything was an email. It left the feeling like your contribution did not matter. Every product, email, spreadsheet, memo, or otherwise was scrutinized. They were almost non-human in their interaction with colleaguescafeteria, campustreatment, negative work environment, feedback loop was brutal"

Product Tester (Contract) says

"The way people are treated and the environment displays just how disposable employees are to NOA. There is no reason to work here past the initial excitement of working for a well known game company for most.Small discount on purchases at company storeCramped work space, Rude coordinators, juvenile environment, poor work availability, poor healthcare"

Aerotek Temp (Former Employee) says

"Work was difficult and fast paced. Management didn't care about you and only worried about making themselves look good, not their fellow man. Good luck trying to advance with Nintendo personally and if you do get to work with them, you have to drop your humanity and stab people in the back to get ahead. Did not enjoy my time here.Free Nintendo stuff at times.Everything else."

Product Planning and Sales Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Unfortunately it is not a great place to work as it lacks opportunity and pay, management control processes in the workplace and do not help team members progress."

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"They use your strength and dump you after. The first time I worked here I put in great work! I noticed the system used to persuade workers to work harder and faster. They should care more about their workers. Provide incentives."

Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"Didn't see myself having a future, too long of a commute (1 hour and a half without traffic, 2-4 hours with traffic) The constant repitition didn't mix well with my depression."

Quality Assurance Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Hiring for the "Product Testing" position almost never happens, with the department made almost entirely of contract employees that gain no raises, are given no benefits, are whose contracts are guaranteed to end at least once a year. Very few opportunities to transfer out of Product Testing into any other role at the company."

Retail Representative (Current Employee) says

"This company has good benefits. But be ready to WORK. This is NOT fun & games!!! For everything expected of you the pay is low. You are expected to work after hours, on your day off and during vacation time. They will tell you "all hours must be accounted for". Then they will give you so much to do it will not be humanly possible! When you say you didn't have time... You are scum and told "everyone else got it done". You will slowly figure out it is because they work off the clock. When they tell you only a couple of demo events per month... Don't believe it!!! You MUST work every one or your pay raise & bonus will be majorly slashed !! You can even be fired for not doing enough demo events. You are not told about the events very far in advance, therefore they expect you to be able to clear your weekend schedule at the drop of a hat! Demo event at the holiday time are crazy.. Dont expect any time for your family. Last year i worked 18 days straight before christmas!!This company is the KING of micro management!! They treat you like you are 5. Your managers job is basically that of a babysitter!! They hound you for everything and if they can't come up with something you have done wrong they will dig till they find it. If you like to have a little "good job" told to you... This is NOT the place for you.. They just DO NOT say it!!! They only dwell on the weak areas or things you have done wrong. DONT think it's just me... EVERYONE who works here knows these things!!!while the mileage reimbursement is good... Be ready to put MAJOR miles on your car!! They sneak around, follow you,nice meeting every year, 5 days of paid time off after christmassee above way too many to list"

Carretillera (Former Employee) says

"tiene muy mala planificación.el trabajo en si muy pueden hacer muchas horas extras ya que cuando es buena temporada hay mucho trabajocompañerismo muy buenopoco descanso"

Computer Operations Lead (Former Employee) says

"I managed a 24x7 365 days a week position responsible for all Nintendo computer systems. I had 8 employees. I wore a pager, had a work cell phone and was on call 24x7 365 days. My staff had to call me nearly every night to get my input on systems errors. No matter how many middle of the night calls I got, I was still expected to put in my 8 hours physically at work which included starting at 8am and ready for a management meeting by 8:30 with an explanation for all the calls I received. The only way my employees could have a day off, such as Christmas, I have to sign in from home hourly and check on all the systems. It just became too much!good pay and great deals on their productshigh stress"

Analyste linguistique de jeux vidéos (Former Employee) says

"J'ai été virée car mon compagnon de l'époque l'a été. Les jeux testés étant top secrets, je ne pouvais pas rester. Ils ont trouvé une excuse bidon. Lorsqu'on attendait une nouvelle version d'un jeu et qu'il n'y avait donc rien à faire, il fallait prétendre qu'on avait du travail. Grand chaos parfois. Il fallait souvent se débrouiller seul."

Electronics Technician III (Former Employee) says

"It was the worse company I ever worked for $ 8 dollars an hour, I was repairing complex electronic equipment Assistane to the base technicians and training technicians from brasil argentina mexico and central america. for only 8 dollars an hour. They take advantage of you meanwhile they making hundreds of millions a free nothingvery good coworkers"


"Decent entry level job, helps build experience dealing with consumers remotely via phone and email. Provides a general understanding on brand integrity. Not much opportunity for advancement.Free stuffWeak leadership"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"I can perform, my work habit in work area, and working hard, I am friendly person that can got long with people at work. I would like to lean more position"

Spanish Product Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Go in for having the name of a recognized company in your resume. Enjoy the games and the store. Do not stay for long, they know who their big fans are an will treat them as disposable peons. Pay is decent in some positions.Games.Job security, schedules."

Advanced Corporate Services Representative (Former Employee) says

"Nintendo can be an exciting place to work mostly because everyone has heard of it so no need to explain the company. Certain departments are better than others....however, they do run a tight ship mostly because of the parent company is based in Kyoto, Japan and their culture is very rigid.Outstanding benefits, Great company functions.Low pay, poor management, unfair work environment."

promotor de ventas (Former Employee) says

"Aprendí a cerrar ventas, conoci lo que es hacer cartera de clientes, la entrada al trabajo era de 2.00pm a 10.00pm, de martes a domingo, se trabajaba bien. Las reuniones eran todos los viernes, y se daba nuevas ideas para poder mejorar en las ventas.horarios reflexiblesno tengo seguro"

Ry Guy says

"Don’t waste your money on a Nintendo! Consider buying a different console! I grew up on Nintendo systems all my life with very little issues until I bought the switch for the kids. They only get to play every once awhile and in less then a year all four of the joy Cons are junk with the drifting issue! Customer service is a waste of time and probably the worst I’ve dealt with! When you pay $80 for the Joy cons they should last longer! I’m done with Nintendo there’s nothing they can do at this point to change my mind!"

Lars Kristensen says

"Kun 1 ø pr switch i Animal Crossing New Horizons !?!?! Nintendo er blevet værre end EA !"

sharlene says

"I just wanted to buy a dlc card for a wii u game ... impossible. Nintendo, you are becoming too mercantile! I am not going to buy a switch which is the worst console just because you prevent card payment on the old consoles! Exceptional ancillary services, inoperative and invisible key service ... in short, ... to be avoided!"

Mae McKenna says

"Made a purchase online and it was lost by Hermes. They refused to refund and even closed my account so I cannot reply to the email to dispute this statement. Poor customer service. Never going to order again. Waste of money and time. I'm guessing I have lost my £209 which is a big amount. _ No one replies to my chat on their social medias and I couldn't get in touch due to them having to closed my account. I am fuming!! Can someone reply to me and sort this mess up."

lbutlerrr says

"Nintendo have been awful at trying to solve the issues I’ve had with the delivery of my order. Customer service take too long to respond through the messaging service. There are rarely any agents available for live chat and I’ve never managed to get through to anyone on the phone despite staying on hold for nearly 2 hours on last week. I spent nearly £400 on Black Friday (27.11.2020) and Nintendo are consistently failing to deliver my order. They’ve passed my order over to Hermes who have had my parcel for 2 weeks now. Nintendo clearly haven’t bothered trying to speak to Hermes as they don’t care about their customers. This was a Christmas present for my girlfriend and I cannot afford to buy her anything else. Thanks Nintendo for ruining our Christmas!!! If you are thinking about buying from Nintendo, do not! You’d be better off going to Amazon or Argos. This has put me off ever buying from them and I will proceed to tell everyone that is considering buying a Nintendo Switch to not bother!"

Taryn Laura Hernandez says

"I'm still very upset with their customer service!! I sent Nintendo support both my limited edition joycons to repair, and they only sent one back!! I tried asking where is the other one, and their supervisor told me that I have to buy a new one, and the regular joycon at that!!!! Like, what the hell??? My limited edition joycon (it was the Pikachu/Eevee joycons) hasn't been returned or they don't even know where it is!!! I'm contacting the BBB as well for this!!"

H C says

"** Their customer service sucks.** I accidentally bought family subscription twice and made them aware with in few minutes. They deemed my mistake was legit and money would be refunded. Few days after supervisor said, previous agent gave wrong information and money can’t be refunded to the credit card. When i requested him to send me this detail in an email for my record, he hing up the call. I thought Nintendo is a big brand so was expecting high standards of customer service. But they acted like a cheap business. I am feeling helpless knowing i can not do anything about it."

Steven Hood says

"Worst company in the world. They have no complaints service. If you arnt happy... Tough. I've had every console from 1985 until 2017....but that will be the last. Run for the hills people!"

Dennis says

"I placed an order for nintendo switch and ringbit bundle on black Friday (27/11) and the money was taken from my account straightaway but the switch wasn’t dispatched. My order number is 255957397. I tried to contact the customer service but online chat was constantly unavailable and the helpline didn’t work at all. Few days later, i only then received an email saying that the order will be delayed. Fine, I still accepted the incompetency at this point, they might be busy due to high order volume on black friday. On the 5/12, it was finally dispatched but some geniuses have decided to deliver via hermes, the ‘best’ and ‘highly reputable’ courier company to deliver an item worth £350. Well, They didn’t fall short of my expectations. The parcel was out for delivery at 8.37am on 06/12 but for some reasons, at 12.16pm, the delivery was delayed. Feeling odd yet? Just wait. The status on hermes changed to “we’re sorry your parcel has been delayed, we’ll have it on the move in the NEXT 24 HOURS”. Everyone in the UK should know how hermes handles the parcel (leave by the door without ringing the bell, throw it over the fence or better yet, steal it). Hence, i was home the whole time on 06/12, 07/12 and 08/12 just to wait for the parcel. As one is expected, at the time of writing this (16.25pm on 08/12), i still haven’t received my parcel despite the 24 hours promise 3 days ago. Hermes doesn’t even have a proper customer service. They redirect you to an automated assistant and push the responsibility back to retailer. One couldn’t help but ponder how is it possible for a dodgy company like this to remain in business. I chatted with the customer service assistant from nintendo several times already and all of them are fobbing me off like i am not worth it and they still think wishfully that my parcel is still otw since 7/12. They promised they will check with hermes but I didnt receive any confirmation. Someone i know bought a nintendo switch through the website yesterday and had already received it today? Does nintendo or hermes take me as an idiot? I requested for a refund but they said it cannot be done as they need to investigate first. When they take the money from me, I don’t see them hesitating at all. Now, i am out of money, time, energy and worse, i have got nowhere to escalate this issue. This is a scam."

Pratap Muratee says

"I had bought a Nintendo switch for my grandson, the gaming device was not reading/loading any games. I sent the device (under warranty), for repairs, after more than two weeks, got an email stating that it was not caused by normal wear and tear (no other explanation was offered). Device was not broken, nor any liquid spilled on it. Stay away from Nintendo, a rip off company. Worst service, and don't waste your money on the extended warranty. Not worth it."

Ask Johannes Grande says

"Listen, I love their games, but my trust in the company has never been lower. 4 joy-cons of mine got drift, but that's "not any actual concerns"? Using a 3rd party plug-in at a almost 20 year game to avoid spread of a deadly pandemic isn't "how you intended to play" so you're using your scare tactics to stop safe tournaments/free advertising for your company. And your recent use of FOMO as a marketing plan, playing over price for emulators we're not sure if we can get at any legal way in half a year. Constantly working against archiving gaming history and not giving us any options to play classic games, and then attacking us for wanting to play the classics. Nintendo don't see your problems Nintendo rather want you to get Covid then playing games another way then they intended 20 years ago Nintendo will milk your wallet whenever possible"

Chris Martin says

"As a devoted nintendo player after I read a post about nintendo sueing a tiktok user over here name and demanding money from her, I will never purchase a product from you greedy insects again. You do not own rights to user names and forcing someone to change it because they love your stuff is utterly pathetic. So I've decided im going to spend the rest of my life destroying this company for its utterly pathetic display."

Irene DeRouen says

"It has been some time since the last time I purchased anything from Nintendo and now I remember why. I purchased a switch lite for my son and after 3 months it has just stopped working come to find out it's an international device that I purchased in the states from a corporate company and now trying to get an exchange is an absolute nightmare"

Devin Dunbar says

"Nintendo fuggin sucks and I can't believe they are an operating company still. If I had the opportunity I would take a s**t right on the front step of their HQ. Have a great day"

phc says

"I have a Nintendo Switch which after 11 months has developed a fault in the charging point. I have received a cost estimation of £183.32 as Nintendo deem this is not a fault but damage. The port may be damaged in their eyes but the Switch has been looked after and I would contend the failure is due to a product fault. I am not the only person with this issue have a look at the internet, and they have received no support from Nintendo."

Jahari Marsh says

"Same boring games. Games not worth $60 The console’s is not worth $200-$400.Game Library is repetitive same old games. There are some new games. Its boring I feel like I wasted $400 for this boring console sticking to xbox one. Wondering if xbox did handheld I would definitely buy. No browser no music app no way of adding or listening to music while playing or pictures. Nothing appealing. I know they want to keep it safe for kids but come on. Add something to this handheld add more content."

Joseph Richards says

"I love Nintendo's consoles and games, and I have a LOT of Nintendo games, with some permenant memories made with them. HOWEVER, their practices when it comes to copyright are absolutely horrible. They don't understand that just because they own something doesn't mean that it has to be taken down and ruin the fun of other people, even if it ends up promoting their products and actually benefits them in the end. Other companies like Microsoft and Sony don't care if you make fan games or host event's involving modified versions of games, because it still benefits them as it promotes their games."

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